You get a great idea, but have no energy/will/inspiration to take it further. 

Sometimes you manage, but you get stuck.

Sometimes you break through that, but feel it's lacking. 

Sometimes you finish it, your pride and joy. But when you show it to someone else, their feedback is either lacking or not really helping you further. 

Good Donut experienced all of this many times, and considers it their duty to help writers stuck in the same situations. 


With a 1st Class Honours BA in Scriptwriting, experience in script editing, and years of prose editing for independent writers, Good Donut offers a wide range of services across all stages of development, from a tiny idea to a full-fledged script/novel. 

After all, in art there is no such thing as a dud, but another set of eyes makes all the difference.


Prompt: “I’ll pay you $150K a year. Sit in this room and wait for the phone to ring. What ever you do, DO NOT miss that phone call.” Bored to death, after 10 years, that shiny black landline in the corner of the room has never once rang. One day, it starts ringing. You miss it by a second.


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