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If you’ve been keeping yourself updated on the current popular shows, you must’ve stumbled upon this week’s rec. It started out as a hidden gem in the dark (heh) corners of foreign-language Netflix, but with its intricate plot, beautiful photography, and commendable acting, it made its way to the forefront of quality television everyone’s prone to talking about. This week’s all about Dark.

Summarizing the story is quite complicated, but let’s just say Dark centers around several families in the German town of Winden who are struck by chaos after a young boy goes missing.

I can’t say a lot about this show without spoiling it (or confusing the reader), so I’ll keep it short this week. Here are 10 succinct, spoiler-free reasons to give Dark a try:

1. It sucks you in from the get-go. All it takes is watching the first episode to leave you starving for more, not just because it’s got such a nice question at its core, but because it’s simply quality from beginning to end and in all its departments.

2. It’s gonna make you think. Although it might get frustrating at times because it does get incredibly, utterly, astronomically confusing, putting things together is actually pretty fun. I’m pretty sure most people need a handy diagram and stuff to follow along with the story, but that just makes it so much more engaging because they have a diagram in the show themselves!! Your struggle is acknowledged.

3. From that, despite its tangled web of relationships, events and dimensional and temporal planes, it makes sense. There’s no thread left unexplained, everything ties into everything, events influence each other and get the story going (or mess it up), none of it is inconsistent or useless. Keeping track of everything must’ve been a pain for the writers and script supervisors, but they pulled it off.

4. The acting is out of this world. A lot of the cast is made up of young actors, but they deliver excellent performances on par with their more seasoned counterparts and colleagues. You forget you’re watching a show when you’re watching them.

5. What the mood, the setting, and the topic evoke is so rich and engaging, it transforms your own world and will stay with you even after you finish watching. I can confirm dreams of impending doom after finishing this show, it really gets to you.

6. Its conflict escalation is commendable. Whenever you think it can’t get worse/more complicated, it shows you it most certainly can. Considering all the possibilities the storyworld creates, it’s no surprise there’s so much room for tragedy and conflict.

7. It perfectly handles the question of destiny, of choices, and of human nature. If we had the chance to go back in time and change things, would we? Could we? If we try, would the universe just adjust accordingly and end up right back to where it’s supposed to be? How far can we go for our loved ones?

8. It has a good ending. Like I mentioned above, all those strings eventually get tied neatly and all storylines get closure. It’s quite a simple ending to such a massive journey, but it does its job. It won’t leave you bitter or confused, and it makes total sense, which is a big ask from such a mind-blowing show.

9. Every character along the way is interesting as hell. From the mysterious protagonist to the seemingly background-parents and enigmatic villains, everyone’s stories tie so well into the main idea and push the characters into captivating development. If you’re the type to watch a show for the characters, you’ll have plenty to pick from with this.

10. It’s as long/short as it needed to be. It didn’t prolong its run unnecessarily and stopped when the story was finished, so there are no unnecessary fillers or unbelievable additions. The story follows along as it was planned and ends where it needs to end, but it does leave room for a lil’ something more without being in your face about it.

Bonus: the ending scene will send shivers down your spine with a simple, but iconic object.

I’ve followed Dark ever since it first dropped on Netflix, so having such long breaks in between seasons might’ve left me working harder in trying to follow along with the story, but I’m pretty sure if you binge it all like it is now, you’ll have no problem doing it.

It’s been finished for a few weeks now, but the hype shouldn’t die down because it really is such a rare gem of a story, simple in its origin but beautifully vast the deeper you go into it. I wholeheartedly recommend it, but just make sure you pay attention the entire time you watch, otherwise you’ll get totally lost. Keep that diagram handy!

As always, thank you for reading, and see you next week!