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Buzzfeed Unsolved

In anticipation of Spooky Time, I’ve decided to recommend something a little different than the usual Halloween movies or shows one would watch during this time. This week I bring you: Buzzfeed Unsolved.

Hosted by Ryan Bergara and Shane Madej, Unsolved is a Buzzfeed original show you can find for free on Youtube. It’s split into two topics: Supernatural and True Crime, with believer Ryan taking sceptic Shane through gruesome details of unsolved murder cases or with the boys travelling to locations said to have a supernatural presence of various kinds (demons, ghosts, other creatures).

The show is super fun to watch, with episodes long enough to be enjoyed over a meal, but short enough that they’re just right for a break from work or other activities. The boys cover cases both famous (like the Annabelle doll) and obscure (the Sorrel-Weed Mansion), and they are presented in such a way that you get enough information to satisfy your curiosity, but there’s still loads you can find out if you want to do more thorough research.

Shane and Ryan’s humor and dynamic (reminiscent of the world’s favorite spooky duo Mulder and Scully) really make watching this a lot more enjoyable, mainly because the cases covered are quite creepy, and the editing makes the show even more eerie, so you need a lil something to ease your fidgeting. I made the mistake of watching Unsolved loads of times while I was alone at night, and any sound I heard creeped me the hell out, so it was great to hear a joke or two during the watch.

Although frustrating, the concept of all the cases being unsolved is really cool, because it invites you to bring your own theories to the mix and do your own research, which I found really fun. Interactive media is kind of my thing, isn’t it? The Supernatural episodes are especially hilarious because Shane and Ryan don’t bullshit the audience and show things as they are: completely devoid of any actual proof. Although some instances could be considered questionable in some episodes, for most of Supernatural’s run, the boys have found no evidence of any creatures’ existence. It’s still fun to hope though.

Unsolved has also been the source of several beloved and popular memes, some of which I’ve compiled here for your viewing pleasure. This is the reason I started watching, so it’s worth a mention if it’ll convince you to give it a try.

A new season of True Crime premiered on the 16th and is currently on air, and Youtube has season-long marathons available as well as separate episodes, so you can watch however much or little you want on this spooky time of year. Regardless of episode topic, you’re guaranteed fun.

Apart from the actual episodes, the boys also host Buzzfeed Unsolved: Postmortem, a companion show where they answer the viewers' questions on the previous episode. It starts from a simple premise, but it can get pretty crazy (see: Hot Daga), and the humor and chemistry really take off here and make the Q&A that much more fun.

It’d be silly of me not to mention Shane and Ryan’s solo endeavor, Watcher Entertainment, the company they made with their friend, Steven Lim (you might know him as one of the hosts of Worth It). Keeping with the spooky theme, they have a show called Are You Scared? where Ryan reads Shane creepy stories, real and invented, from Reddit, Ryan’s solo show Spooky Small Talk, where Ryan interviews celebrities in a haunted house, as well as Too Many Spirits, where Ryan and Shane get drunk on cocktails made by Steven and read user viewer submitted stories. All free. All on YouTube. Bless the ghoul boys.

If you’re looking for something else though, Watcher’s got shows focused on food (Steven’s Grocery Run and Homemade), adventures (Ryan and Shane’s Weird and/or Wonderful World and Tourist Trapped), history (Shane’s Puppet History, a personal favorite), and other stuff (Top 5 Beatdown – topics including movies and food), and even a DnD-focused show! You’ll find something to suit your taste on Watcher for sure.

With all this said, I hope you’ll give Unsolved and Watcher a try because they’re both worth it (heh).

As always, thank you so much for reading, and see you next week! Have a happy Halloween!