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It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia

Bird law. Denim chicken. Fight milk.

If you’re a connoisseur of those words, I applaud you. If you’re not, hopefully this rec will change that. This week we’re talking It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

Created by Rob McElhenney, developed alongside Glenn Howerton, and also written by Charlie Day, Sunny is a currently airing sitcom which had its start in 2005. It chronicles the adventures of The Gang (the three aforementioned men along with Kaitlin Olson and Danny DeVito), a group of awful individuals who own an Irish pub in Philadelphia.

Even if you haven’t watched Sunny, you’ve probably seen it everywhere. There’s countless of memes originating from it (which is actually how I decided to watch it years ago), like “Did you fuck my mom, Santa Claus?” or the Pepe Silvia Charlie conspiracy meme, legendary in themselves but also hilarious once put in context. Sunny’s humor is raw, brash, and unhinged, but that’s what makes it fun.

It’s the fact that the gang are truly horrible people that makes the show able to discuss various topics in this kind of absurd light, with debates ranging from gun control to abortion. Sunny doesn’t shy away from calling things like they are, but they expose the problem with certain ideologies and attitudes by having the characters represent said ideologies. Dennis is a total creep, everyone’s racist, everyone’s a misogynist, they embody everything that’s wrong with society, and that’s the whole idea. Because you know they’re horrible, you’re never on their side. It’s funny watching them get into trouble time and time again and actually be punished for it. They never come out on top.

McElhenney has said that his thinking has changed over the years though, and you can see it in the writing, especially as they made the choice of not making fun of Mac’s coming out. Although he now represents a minority through his sexuality, that doesn’t make him any less of an asshole, and it doesn’t excuse all the shit he’s pulled and will continue to pull, which is something that definitely had to be maintained in order to stay true to what Sunny is.

He’s also spoken of how open he is to adapting, especially when it came to Kaitlin’s character, Sweet Dee. Having been written by men who had no idea how to really flesh her out, they’ve accepted Kaitlin’s input and allowed Dee to blossom into a wonderful, horrible character just like her male counterparts instead of keeping her as the responsible one who ruined the fun. It’s their versatility and willingness to learn and adapt that probably helped make Sunny as good as it is to be honest.

You’ve got to admire Rob for being able to pull off this show so well. What started as a tiny idea they filmed between friends turned into the longest comedy series in American history with 14 seasons and counting! The fact that he (along with Glenn and Charlie) are so actively involved in various sides of production is also no small feat, and it’s really something inspiring to see for anyone who wants to make it in the industry. It’s basically proof that no goal is impossible as long as you keep trying.

Episodes are made in such a way that you don’t really need to watch them in order to understand what’s going on, which makes Sunny’s rewatch quality top-notch. Just pop on any random episode and you’ve got guaranteed fun for the next 20 or so minutes. And the fact that every.single.episode manages to be hilarious in a 14-seasoned show really speaks to these people’s skills, because being funny for that long, keeping your essence but adapting to the current climate isn’t the easiest to achieve.

I’m not gonna sit here and go on a deep rant about why this show is so good, I think I pretty much covered the main reasons. I’m gonna let the memes inspire you like they inspired me and, if you’ve watched it before and liked it, this is your sign to go back to it and reminisce.

And the absolutely legendary campaign speech (improvised!!):

As always, thank you for reading, as see you next week!