• Good Donut

Midnight Runners

If you’re looking for a hilarious action movie and you’re tired of the usual stuff you’ve watched a million times, perhaps Midnight Runners is the movie for you.

Released in 2017, Midnight Runners is a South Korean movie starring Park Seo Joon (Min from Parasite) and Kang Haneul as two students at the Korean National Police University who witness a kidnapping. Because the actual police is too busy to investigate during the critical time, the two decide to take matters upon themselves, which leads to hilarious shenanigans considering they are clueless rookies with barely any training.

I must’ve watched this movie three times already, and whenever a little time passes, I feel like watching it again. It’s lighthearted (until it isn’t) and incredibly funny, the story behind the kidnapping is really interesting and eerily real, and the heroes are an absolute joy to root for. Of course, part of the magic is thanks to Seo Joon and Haneul’s chemistry and skill, but they also have an excellent script to work with which makes their delivery so much better.

At times, Midnight Runners gets absurdly hilarious, but you’re watching it to have a good time, not to see an accurate portrayal of police investigations. It’s that much more enjoyable because the protagonists are, initially, kept at the same level of skill as the general audience. It makes it feel like we’re in this together, working with only our knowledge from school or TV to aid us, and our sloppy physical skills. Of course, as any hero’s journey goes, the two end up getting a cool workout montage to level up enough to take down the big bad, but trust me, that’s definitely enjoyable too. If not for the eyecandy, then at least for the inspiration to get as buff as them.

The bromance is incredibly heartwarming and works wonders in making this movie so memorable because the protagonists are just… such bros. One of them is a total jock who acts before thinking, and the other one is the perfect opposite, a nerd who’s more about thinking than doing. They’re so compatible and represent the two conflicting personalities so well, you can’t love one without the other. The fact that they can both insult and swear and even spit on each other but also care deeply about each other is super fun to watch. True sibling dynamic right here.

Action-wise, there are plenty of super nicely-choreographed fight scenes, chases, and weapon-use that’ll keep your action movie-loving heart satisfied. This movie has everything its genre needs. What a blessing.

I realize this is probably the shortest rec I’ve written, but really, Midnight Runners is a simple movie that doesn’t need a lot of commentary. It’s just good. You gotta watch it. It’s hilarious, the cast is gorgeous and charming, the story will keep you on your toes, and you’ll definitely want to watch it again and tell your friends about it. Give it a shot!

As always, thank you so much for reading, and see you next week!