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Mystery Case Files: Madame Fate

As promised, we’re back to storytelling and fiction this week, although my pick is still on the more unique side. A story full of nostalgia and magic, while also making your brain work for more, I’ve chosen to recommend Madame Fate this week, another game available on Big Fish which has stayed with me for years.

Madame Fate was released in 2007 as the 4th installment in the Mystery Case Files series. Although the stories tie into each other throughout the series, you’re good playing only one game as they can also be standalone. Back in 2007 I had no idea this was even a series and I still enjoyed Madame Fate more than I can put into words.

So without further ado, here are GD’s 10 reasons you should play Madame Fate:

1. The story. Madame Fate calls you, the Master Detective, to her carnival to help her find who is going to murder her on this very day at midnight. You’re given a list of all the performers and must figure out which one of them is going to do it. The truth is actually way more exciting, and the idea itself is very fresh and fun.

2. Madame Fate’s awareness of her impending death and the responsibility she puts on your shoulder makes for a very fun game, although you shouldn’t be afraid she’s going to die if you fail. The timer is decent enough that no matter how slow you are, you won’t be in any danger of losing. Plus, there is only one version of the game, so Madame Fate definitely does not die because of your speed when solving the case.

3. The setting. Carnivals and magic and actual fantastic people have always been a fascination of mine. Since you have to go around the carnival (you’re given a very cool map) and investigate all the carnies, you end up visiting a series of really cool places in order to play the usual Hidden Object Game. The art style is really pretty and really sets the mood and tone of the game while also being distinct enough for each carnie to be special.

4. Apart from the list of objects you must find, there are also morphing objects which unlock bonus content. They’re a pain to find but boy is it satisfying when you finally see them morph and catch them. The bonus content is also really cool, but I’ll let you see for yourself.

5. As mentioned before, it’s part of a series. If you need more Madame Fate after completing the game, Fate’s Carnival is also out and it’s just as cool. You visit the same carnival, but things are in a way worse state than when you left. And the other games like the Ravenhearst and Dire Grove ones are also super fun to play, so it feels like a never ending fairytale.

6. The puzzles. Usually games like this would have medium-difficulty puzzles. I struggle with them now just like I did back in 2007 because they’re so incredibly clever and, just like the carnival, plain weird. That doesn’t mean they’re not incredibly fun, and if anything, once you solve them you feel like the smartest person on earth.

7. Hearing Madame Fate call you Master Detective in that Russian babushka accent of hers is honestly really flattering. She’s very encouraging, even if sometimes it feels like she’s nagging.

8. If English is not your native language, this game will totally help you better your vocabulary. No joke. The amount of words I’m learning even now is insane.

9. It’s challenging enough to engage you, but not too much that it’ll piss you off. You can play it to have fun, you can play it to get your brain some exercise, and you can totally play it to chill.

10. The characters. Although only Madame Fate is a speaking character, the other carnies are also super interesting and have their own thing going on (see: Marlena the Mermaid’s romantic affair with the Strongman for example). Each carnie gets their own lil’ story, and their… outcomes are all fitting and quite awesome if you overlook the more gruesome details.

If you’re in need of some time off working or writing or stressing about life, give this game a try. It’s guaranteed to make you relax and enjoy yourself, and it’s also pretty magical so an escape into that world is definitely on the table.

It’s been 13 years and I still play it after having finished it 3 or 4 times, so take it from me, you won’t get tired of it.

As always, thank you for reading. See you next week!