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Robin Hood: Men In Tights

I think, unless you were born in the 2000s, you’re most definitely familiar with this gem of a movie. This is more of a reminder that it exists than a recommendation of a hidden treasure, as I’m sure many of us love this movie and would definitely watch it again given the chance. So here’s your sign!

Robin Hood: Men In Tights is a 1993 movie directed and produced by Mel Brooks, who also co-wrote and stars as Rabbi Tuckman! It’s a musical parody of the Robin Hood story, drawing inspiration from several other Robin Hood movies.

Starring Cary Elwes and supported by Richard Lewis, Roger Rees, and Dave Chappelle in his debut role, Men In Tights boasts a talented cast who deliver the story and humor easily. It’s no wonder it’s become a cult classic, with its jokes and visual gags still hilarious even after 30 years.

If you look up reviews of this movie, you’ll find most of them to be bad. It doesn’t have a great rating, critics seem to find it average at best, and yet hordes of people adore this movie. Perhaps this means the humor is more appropriate for audiences nowadays, perhaps it’s just watching it through nostalgia-tinted glasses, but I find it absolutely hilarious, charming and entertaining. Honestly, you can’t even look away from it and it really feels like no time passes at all, it’s that fun.

Men In Tights combines its medieval setting with modern inventions such as gas heating, valet parking, and the likes, turning the story into something richer and much more dynamic, and providing laughs all throughout. The modern references and clever puns only add to the tone, and create what is, to me, a movie worth watching and rewatching and rewatching. No wonder there are so many people quoting it all the time.

Elwes shines as Robin of Loxley, but it’s the supporting cast, especially Rees and Chappelle, who really lift his performance up while shining in their own. The unity and chemistry of the cast is clear, and I have no doubt they had a blast filming this. The Merry Men each have a talent and a charm of their own, Maid Marian and her helper, Broomhilde, have a hilarious dynamic, and the evil King John always looks like he doesn’t want to be here, which only makes everything funnier. Each character brings something to the table and gives this beloved story a new look and feel.

For years, every year, this movie would be shown on TV close to the holidays in my country. Why at that time, I don’t know, but the fact that it’s been such a staple that it’s around every single year should speak to its quality. If anything, it might be because it’s so dear to so many of us.

So, if you’ve watched it before but miss having a laugh at the expense of the Sheriff of Rottingham, here’s your sign that you should watch Men In Tights again. And if you’re new to this and haven’t seen it before, give it a try. You’ll finish this movie feeling refreshed and full of joy.

As always, thank you so much for reading, and see you next week!