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Growing up, I went through an Ancient Egyptian phase, as many others can relate. Playing games like Tomb Raider and reading atlases and the likes about gods and goddesses, I developed a huge passion for the history and mythology behind Ancient Egypt, so when I discovered Tutenstein, I was overjoyed.

Produced by Porchlight Entertainment for Discovery Kids, Tutenstein centers around the 3000 year old mummy of child pharaoh Tutankhensetamun (Tut, for short) as he awakens in the modern world and discovers his kingdom is gone. Along with his new friends Cleo – a clever 12 year old with an interest in archeology and Egypt – and her talking cat, Luxor, Tut must adapt to his new life while dealing with enemies and obstacles Set, the god of chaos and destruction, sends his way.

Tutenstein’s story is by no means complicated or deep, considering its target audience, but it does a great job of being fun and adventurous while also teaching children about Ancient Egypt. Considering it was made for Discovery, that’s to be expected. A lot of the gods on the show bear a good resemblance to their original counterparts, and the myths behind each episode’s story are real. When it comes to historical accuracy, having an Egyptologist on staff helps Tutenstein pass with ease.

The show’s art style is simply gorgeous, and its magical elements and settings, both modern and ancient, make for a wonderful, immersive atmosphere. The split between present time and Tut’s time is balanced enough that we still feel familiar while discovering stories of the distant past, and the adventures the group go on are always fresh and unique and really really fun.

Despite Tut being a stubborn, demanding child (he’s literally 10), he’s still likeable and humorous, and his good heart shines over his flaws. His friendship with Cleo grows beautifully throughout the series, but it only really takes him an episode to make you root for him.

Cleo herself is such an inspiring character to see on screen, especially for kids. She’s passionate and brave, doesn’t take any crap from anyone or anything, be it ancient gods or kings, she’s quick on her feet and exactly the kind of person qualified to help and deal with Tut’s crazy shenanigans. And Luxor? Being a talking cat makes him fun already, but his personality, loyalty to Tut and love for Cleo, and his quick wit make him a total fave.

If you’re looking for a nice, relaxing time and fun adventures with Egyptian gods, look no further. Tutenstein is beautiful and exciting in its simplicity, and is guaranteed to absorb you into its world and make you want to binge the series. I wholeheartedly recommend it!

As always, thank you for reading, and see you next week!